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Journal of Romance Studies

General Editors:
Catherine Davies, Institute of Modern Languages Research
Dominic Glynn,
Institute of Modern Languages Research

Volume 16 / 2016, 3 issues per volume (spring, summer, winter)

Subjects: Romance Studies, Literature, Cultural Studies

Published in association with the Institute of Modern Languages Research, School of Advanced Study, University of London 

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Writing versions of home: Marosia Castaldi's Per quante vite and the poetics of the visible

Adalgisa Giorgio


What happens to the object and idea of house/home in a world of inner displacement and geographical uprooting? This article looks at the representation of house/home in Marosia Castaldi's novel Per quante vite (1999) [For How Many Lives], focusing on the coincidence between house and psyche highlighting the protagonist's spatial dislocation, the loss of the maternal body leading to 'homelessness' and lack of memory, and the attempt to overcome this condition by creating alternative homes in the body and writing. Castaldi deploys a poetics of absence-presence and full-void that signifies both her protagonist's neurosis and the remedies for it: her body's capacity to contain and generate life and a writing practice that fills books with the matter of life and finds in books templates for life. The article argues that Castaldi's protagonist succeeds in realizing the feminist project of 'giving birth to the world' pursued by feminist philosophers of difference.

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