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Surviving Hrant Dink: Carnal Mourning under the Specter of Senselessness

Alice von Bieberstein

Keywords: activism; Armenians; confronting the past; mourning; survivors; temporality; Turkey; violence


This article charts political and affective responses to and transformations engendered by what has been widely considered a defining moment in the recent history of Turkey, namely, the murder of the Armenian editor and journalist Hrant Dink on 19 January 2007. In this analysis, the question of time and temporality is approached from a threefold perspective: the availability of and engagement with temporal discourses that provide schemes for relating time, loss, and value; mourning as a form of laboring on and in time; and activism as a sphere of practice where responses to loss can be reworked with a view to possibly reformulating hopes and promises.

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