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Nicos Mouzelis's Sociological Theory: What went Wrong?: Diagnoses and Remedies

Charles Crothers


In Sociological Theory: What went Wrong?: Diagnoses and Remedies

(London: Routledge, 1995), Mouzelis provides a stunning and

largely successful attempt to establish (or rather re-establish) sociological

theory as a speciality within the social sciences which is progressively

developing solutions within its own set agenda of

concerns, and he then reviews a range of theoretical issues embedded

within the work of a wide range of contemporary theorists in order to

begin to build up this approach. Whereas many sociologists have

rather ineffectively mourned sociology’s slipping from popularity in

the recent period, Mouzelis not only provides an effective diagnosis

of this situation but also offers a serious prescription to begin to cure

the ills. To carry off his feat of derring-do Mouzelis has to descend

into the very jaws of hell (post-structuralism) in order to snatch conceptual

points which can then be used as levers to return sociology to

its historical mission and to regain its formerly successful trajectory

– which involves working against the very sources of the material he

uses to rescue sociology!

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