Mêlées et démêlements familiaux autour d’une prise en charge pédopsychiatrique au Maroc

in Anthropology of the Middle East
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This article, based on my PhD research conducted in a Moroccan psychiatric unit dedicated to children, focuses on the medical settings implemented to acknowledge and treat parents’ and professionals’ concerns regarding children’s health. Institutional, political and clinical responses are discussed. This article also considers the concerns of children and of the researcher which are often disregarded, even though these concerns are omnipresent and co-construct the care settings and how they are studied. An ethnography at hospital and at home offers a more detailed understanding of these forgotten concerns. To conclude, there is a hiatus between the different recorded responses, which testifies to the lack of consideration towards the reciprocal and symmetric attention existing between children and adults. I propose to carefully watch over children’s concerns to support their recovery.