Cette relation imaginaire qui fait le style

Essai sur l'art islamique et le style ethnique

in Volume 8 (2013): Issue 1 (Mar 2013): An Anthropological Look at Art in the Middle East. Guest Editors: Danila Mayer and Soheila Shahshahani

The topic of this article concerns the notion of ethnic style. Several points are discussed - in particular, the concept of style itself - by referring to individual and/or collective expression as well as the status of the creators and their representation in Arab-Muslim societies. If traditional societies are heirs to Islamic art, encompassing a range of practices and cultural models, what are the terms of the local transmission of this art? Can we consider it an ethnic style, knowing that it could also be a signifier of individuality? Some examples are given, based on ethnographic collections of jewellery studied by the author in selected museums and on fieldwork in Gulf Arab countries.