The Status of Boyhood Studies

in Boyhood Studies
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  • 1 Stanford University
  • 2 University of South Australia
  • 3 The Open University
  • 4 Northwestern University
  • 5 University of KwaZulu-Natal
  • 6 Griffith University
  • 7 University of West Georgia
  • 8 Independent researcher, The Netherlands
  • 9 Deakin University
  • 10 The Open University
  • 11 University of Lincoln
  • 12 Ryerson University
  • 13 University of Akron
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The following are responses to a request to the members of our editorial board and contributors to Thymos on the theme of the status of boyhood studies. The twelve contributions take quite different perspectives on the topic. They raise very different questions and present distinctive interests. All have trained their scholarly eye on what boyhood studies means today. Each points to an area of scholarly work that demands the attention of those of us interested in boyhood and the lives of boyhood—as we determine just what these notions mean. Suggestions for further reading offered by the contributors are given at the end (p. 147).