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Edward Kessler (ed.), A Reader of Early Liberal Judaism, Vallentine Mitchell, 2004, 200pp., £16.95, ISBN 0-8530-3592-X

Eva Tucker, Berlin Mosaic, Starhaven, 2005, 154 pp., £8.00, ISBN 0-9363-1522-9

Anthony Godfrey, Three Rabbis in a Vicarage, Larson Grove Press, London, 2005, 366 pp., £20.00, ISBN 0-9549-1090-7

William J. Fishman, East End Jewish Radicals, 1875–1914, Five Leaves Publications, Nottingham, 2005, 336pp., £13.99. ISBN 0-9071-2345-7

Rudolph Rocker, The London Years, (transl. Joseph Leftwich), Five Leaves Publications, Nottingham, 2005, 228pp., £14.99. ISBN 0-9071-2330-9

Adam Horowitz, Next Year in Jerusalem, HooHah Press, Stroud, £2.00.

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