Justice, Hope and Redemption: Jewish Perspectives

Introductory Remarks

in European Judaism
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  • 1 Oxford University
  • 2 Lund University

In the prophetic literature of the Hebrew Bible, justice, hope and redemption go hand in hand. Hope, which ultimately is for redemption, is intimately connected with the emphasis on doing justice in the here and now. Justice, moreover, would be a hallmark of a redeemed world. The biblical nexus between justice, hope and redemption has strongly influenced modern political thought, both theological and secular. Directly and indirectly, it has helped shape a variety of visions of the just society – visions that in some cases converge and in other cases are in collision.

This collection, written by authors from various disciplines and backgrounds, explores a variety of Jewish perspectives on these three themes. The articles are based on papers given at a one-day symposium at St Benet’s Hall, University of Oxford, in December 2014.

Brian Klug and Jayne Svenungsson

15 October 2015