Gabriel Josipovici at 75

A Celebration and Personal Contribution

in European Judaism
Author: Jeremy Lane1
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  • 1 University of Sussex


This article, as a tribute to Gabriel Josipovici, describes his impact on the author over many decades, initially as his teacher and thesis supervisor, later as colleague and friend at the University of Sussex. This impact included broadening his knowledge of contemporary French literary critics and of writers engaged with criticism, and opening up European dimensions to otherwise insular English academic approaches to literature. A study of Josipovici's novel Migrations (1977) shows how it manages to explore the many dimensions of the condition of migrancy, even though held here within the bounds of a novel that is tightly packed but opens into a whole world.

Contributor Notes

Jeremy Lane is Emeritus Senior Lecturer (English) at the University of Sussex, where he has taught since 1974. He has lectured at various European universities (in Munich, Konstanz, Rome, Paris and Cordoba). At Sussex he met Gabriel Josipovici, who became a major influence in his developing understanding of literature and a close friend.