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  • 1 Utrecht University
  • 2 Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology
  • 3 Radboud University Nijmegen
  • 4 Centro de Estudios Avanzados en Ciencias Sociales (CEACS)
  • 5 University of London
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Anthony Elliott, Social theory since Freud: Traversing social imaginaries

James M. Donovan and H. Edwin Anderson, Anthropology and law by Keebet von Benda-Beckmann

Silvie Poirier, A world of relationships: Itineraries, dreams, and events in the Australian Western desert

Robert M. Fishman, Democracy’s voices: Social ties and the quality of public life in Spain

George Mentore, Of passionate curves and desirable cadences: Themes on Waiwai social being Suzanne Oakdale, I foresee my life: The ritual performance of autobiography in an Amazonian community


Journal of Global and Historical Anthropology