Pratiques linguistiques et usages de l’anglais dans les musiques électro-amplifiées en France

le cas des spectacles à L’International

in French Politics, Culture & Society
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English is often considered as the traditional language of rock, but one can describe its use in French music through subjective, intimate, and negotiated processes. French bands use it primarily to express a contentious relationship to French, but also to somehow reject the market of mainstream French music. These attitudes have repercussions for creative processes as well as for the circulation of emerging musical productions. While the choice of English seems appropriate in the context of digital globalization, it is still quite problematic when it comes to meeting a local audience. In this article, we describe how the use of this language has partially been established by the distinctive features of a concert venue (L'International), where bands try to start their career. We then attempt to understand the aesthetic, social, expressive, strategic, and ideological functions of language in the music of the bands in question.