Environmental Sustainability as Indicator of Social Quality

The New Opportunities Offered by Communication

in The International Journal of Social Quality
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  • 1 Sapienza University of Rome renato.fontana@uniroma1.it
  • 2 Sapienza University of Rome martina.ferrucci@uniroma1.it
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Compared to the European scenario that emerged from the analysis of Eurobarometer (2011–2014) surveys, we conducted a research on the opinions of the Italian students and professionals from eight focus groups about the relation between environmental issues, social quality and communication. The assumption is that communication is a strategic factor that could contribute to determining the social quality and, consequently, the satisfaction of the common people. The study demonstrates that it is necessary to plan well-thought-out communication activities aimed at increasing awareness of environmental issues. Findings from this study support the need to develop a greater awareness and a renewed critical consciousness of the relationships between person, environment and social quality.

The International Journal of Social Quality

(formerly The European Journal of Social Quality)