Municipal Elections: Real Change or Simply Alternation?

in Italian Politics
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“Alarm bell” and “wake-up call” for the center-right. And again,

“north wind” and “settling of scores” for the center-left. These are

just some of the descriptions used to analyze the ballot results of the

local government elections held on 9 and 10 June. While the first

round of voting on 26 and 27 May appeared to show votes equally

distributed between the two coalitions, the second ballot seemed to

indicate the victory of the opposition, as a greater number of centerleft

mayors were elected in the various municipalities. This interpretation

was consolidated in the opinions of the political players

involved. In fact, in the fall of that year, Piero Fassino, general secretary

of the Democrats of the Left (DS), commented on the election

results as follows: “We won not only where we had extensive support,

but also in center-right strongholds, where we attracted voters

from the center-right.”