The Capture of Bernardo Provenzano

in Italian Politics
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On 11 April 2006, the arrest of Bernardo Provenzano—the last head of

the Corleonesi clan, which for 30 years has led the notorious Italian

criminal organization, the Sicilian Mafia—was announced. Eighteen

months earlier, on 15 October 2004, the Court of Cassation definitively

acquitted Senator-for-Life and former Prime Minister Giulio Andreotti,

thus confirming the preceding sentence by the Court of Appeals in

Palermo. According to this latter judgment, there had been relations

in the past between the Mafia, also known as Cosa Nostra, and the

accused. Nonetheless, in public debate and particularly within political

circles, Andreotti came out very well. More generally, the sentence

appeared, or at least was presented, as the final act in the long saga

of trials concerning the links between politics and the Mafia and legal

proceedings against politicians accused of collusion.