The Same Old Film: The Never-Ending Woes of Italy’s Justice System

in Italian Politics
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Reading the title of this chapter is rather like turning on the television

and watching endless repeats of trashy Italian movies. Indeed, “Italy

has been debating reforms to the justice system for a long time.”

Many consider the system to be overloaded, underfunded, and beset

by a bureaucratic culture, making it difficult for citizens to get speedy

justice. Listening to the stories told by articled clerks on a typical

day in court helps one to become aware of the deficiencies of Italy’s

judiciary system. In many civil courts around the country, it is commonplace

to see young trainees crowding around a judge, trying to

catch the words that he or she is uttering and then scribbling down

the decision as best they can. Just a few months ago, La Stampa published

an article entitled “Chaos in Court: Mice in the Offices and Staff

Reduced to the Bone” that described the almost impossible working

conditions of a court in Ivrea.