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Chinese Poetry and American Landscape in Chiang Yee's Travel Writings

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Author: Da Zheng 1
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  • 1 Suffolk University
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Chiang Yee, a highly accomplished diaspora writer, poet, artist, and calligrapher, published a dozen travel books, three of which were about his travel experience in the US: The Silent Traveller in New York (1950), The Silent Traveller in Boston (1959), and The Silent Traveller in San Francisco (1964). In his preface to The Silent Traveller in New York, Van Wyck Brooks explains the meaning of ‘The Silent Traveler’: it ‘was a translation of his Chinese pen-name, which might have been literally rendered as “Dumb Walking Man”’... [H]e had chosen a name that was not unlike the common phrase for a roaming Buddhist monk’ (Chiang 1950: vii).


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