Museums in a Global World

A Conversation on Museums, Heritage, Nation, and Diversity in a Transnational Age

in Museum Worlds
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  • 1 Victoria University of Wellington
  • 2 University of Leicester
  • 3 Newcastle University
  • 4 Roskilde University
  • 5 Roskilde University
  • 6 Free University of Berlin
  • 7 Deakin University philipp.schorch@ethnologie.lmu
  • 8 University of the Western Cape
  • 9 University of Cambridge
  • 10 University of London
  • 11 University of Heidelberg
  • 12 University of the Western Cape
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The following conversation took place during the Critical Heritage Studies conference in Gothenburg, Sweden, on 6 June 2012. The initial idea and topic was suggested by Kylie Message, the session was chaired by Conal McCarthy, and the recording was transcribed by Jennifer Walklate and edited by Conal McCarthy and Jennifer Walklate.