Museums and Mental Health

in Museum Worlds
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  • 1 University of Leicester
  • 2 Taipei National University of the Arts
  • 3 Rehabilitation and Education Section, Taoyuan Prison
  • 4 Taipei City Hospital
  • 5 National Museum of Natural Science
  • 6 University of Queensland
  • 7 Australian National University
  • 8 Kent State University
  • 9 Sleuk Rith Institute
  • 10 Documentation Center of Cambodia
  • 11 Museum Dr. Guislain
  • 12 University of Waikato
  • 13 Bethlem Royal Hospital
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For this edition of Museum Worlds: Advances in Research, we have asked a group of museum practitioners to respond to a thought-provoking article about a Taiwanese project that explored the particular needs of visitors diagnosed with schizophrenia. Allegaert, Besley, Coleborne, Chynoweth, Gale, and Sirik have used Chen et al.’s article as a jumping off point from which to write on the broader topic of mental health provision in museums’ engagement programs from their own international perspectives. Th e forum was convened by Sandra Dudley and curated by Amy Jane Barnes.