Book Reviewed in this article: Edmund Leach. An anthropological life. By Stanley J. Tambiah. A society without fathers or husbands. The Na of China. By Cai Hua [translated by Asti Hustvedt]. Water and power in highland Peru. The cultural politics of irrigation and development. By Paul Gelles. Japanese civilization in the modern world: XVI. Nation‐state and empire. Edited by Tadao Umesao, Takeshi Fujitani, and Eisei Kurimoto. Japanese civilization in the modern world: XVII. Collection and representation. Edited by Tadao Umesao, Angus Lockyer, and Kenji Yoshida. Making majorities. Constituting the nation in Japan, Korea, China, Malaysia, Fiji, Turkey, and the United States. Edited by Dru C. Gladney. Psychosocial wellness of refugees. Issues in qualitative and quantitative research. Edited by Frederick L. Ahearn Jr. A phenomenology of working class experience. By Simon J. Charlesworth. Dancing with the virgin. Body and faith in the fiesta of Tortugas, New Mexico. Raw histories. Photographs, anthropology and museums. By Elizabeth Edwards.

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