Book Reviewed in this article: Bravo, Michael and Sverker Sorlin (eds.). Narrating the Arctic. A cultural history of Nordic scientific practices. Bryce, Trevor. Life and society in the Hittite world. Caplan, Lionel. Children of colonialism. Anglo‐Indians in a postcolonial World. Couldry, Nick. Media rituals. A critical approach. Crehan, Kate. Gramsci, culture and anthropology. Emoff, Ron, and David Henderson (eds.). Mementos, artifacts, and hallucinations from the ethnographer's tent. Illouz, Charles. De chair et de pierre. Essai de mythologie kanak, Maré‐Iles Loyauté. Lawrence, Geoffrey, Vaughan Higgins and Stewart Lockie (eds.). Environment, society and natural resource management. Theoretical perspectives from Australiasia and the Americas. Lewin, Ellen, and William L. Leap (eds.). Out in theory. The emergence of lesbian and gay anthropology. Long, Norman. Development sociology. Actor perspectives. Sillitoe, Paul, Alan Bicker and Johan Pottier (eds.). Participating in development. Approaches to indigenous knowledge.

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