Dirty laundry. Everyday practice, sensory engagement and the constitution of identity

in Social Anthropology/Anthropologie sociale
Sarah PinkDepartment of Social Sciences Loughborough University Loughborough LEU 3TU, UK

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I always use … some sort of softener, and even when they've been in the tumble dryer I do like that smell, but I do like it when they've been on the line … [although] I don't like ironing them so much when they've been on the line … I've fetched some [laundry] in today when I got in from work, and they've obviously been out there all day and they were all stiff and got more creases in, whereas when they're in the tumble dryer it's a doddle really. If you just catch them in time and they're just so easy to iron. Yes, I do like my clothes to smell nice. I definitely think about the feel of them though … once I've ironed them they feel better … (Helen, part‐time company director and housewife, age 32)

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