Progress and the Practico-Inert; Tom Flynn on Sartre’s “dialectical nominalism” and the “mediating third”; Two Core Concepts of Sartre’s Later Philosophy: Responses to Gyllenhammer and Baugh

in Sartre Studies International
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The articles in this section deal with two concepts from Sartre’s Critique of Dialectical Reason analyzed in the work of Tom Flynn. The first is the practico-inert, the materialized result of human activity that can turn that activity against itself, but which can also take on a positive and progressive role in history. It is this progressive role that Paul Gyllenhammer analyzes. Bruce Baugh’s article looks at Flynn’s analyses of how, in the Critique, the “third” mediates group praxis in such a way that it moves from passivity to activity but without fusing into a hyperorganism, and how this decisive shift accounts for “the revolutionary moment.”

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