Anti-Racism and Existential Philosophy

An interview with Kathryn Sophia Belle

in Sartre Studies International
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  • 1 Associate Professor, Philosophy and African American Studies, Penn State University, USA
  • | 2 Carleton College, USA
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Kathryn Sophia Belle's (formerly Kathryn T. Gines’) publications engaged in this interview:

2003 (Fanon/Sartre 50 yrs) “Sartre and Fanon Fifty Years Later: To Retain or Reject the Concept of Race,” Sartre Studies International, Vol. 9, Issue 2 (2003): 55-67,

2010 (Convergences) “Sartre, Beauvoir, and the Race/Gender Analogy: A Case for Black Feminist Philosophy” in Convergences: Black Feminism and Continental Philosophy, pages 35-51. Eds. Maria Davidson, Kathryn T. Gines, Donna Dale Marcano. New York: SUNY, 2010.

2011 (Wright/Legacy) “The Man Who Lived Underground: Jean-Paul Sartre and the Philosophical Legacy of Richard Wright,” Sartre Studies International, Vol. 17, Issue 2 (2011): 42-59,

2012 (Reflections) “Reflections on the Legacy and Future of Continental Philosophy with Regard to Critical Philosophy of Race,” The Southern Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 50, Issue 2 (June 2012): 329-344,

Contributor Notes

Kathryn Sophia Belle (formerly Kathryn T. Gines) is Associate Professor of Philosophy and African American Studies at Penn State University. Belle is the Founding Director of the Collegium of Black Women Philosophers and specializes in Continental Philosophy, Africana Philosophy, Philosophy of Race, and Black Feminist Philosophy. Belle is the author of “Sartre and Fanon: Fifty Years Later” in Sartre Studies International (Vol. 9, Issue 2, 2003), “The Man Who Lived Underground: Jean-Paul Sartre and the Philosophical Legacy of Richard Wright” in Sartre Studies International (Vol. 19, Issue 2, 2011), Hannah Arendt and the Negro Question (Indiana University Press, 2014) and co-editor of Convergences: Black Feminist and Continental Philosophy (SUNY Press, 2010).

Edward O'Byrn is an Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Africana Studies at Carleton College. His research focuses on Black American philosophers as well as 20th century Western philosophy and he is currently in the early stages of a book project in Black existential philosophy.

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