Decolonization as Existential Paradox

Lewis Gordon's Political Commitment to Thinking Otherwise and Setting Afoot a New Humanity

in Sartre Studies International
Author: Justin Fugo1
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  • 1 Intellectual Heritage Program, Temple University, USA
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This article offers a critical analysis of Euromodernity through an engagement with the Africana existentialism of Lewis R. Gordon. Drawing on Gordon's recent work Freedom, Justice, and Decolonization (Routledge, 2021) as well as Frantz Fanon, the author argues for the need to decolonize modernity by decoupling Europe and reason, freedom, knowledge, and power. Understanding what it means to be a human being involves an ongoing commitment understanding its relationship to the larger structures of reality, including social reality.

Contributor Notes

Justin Fugo is Assistant Professor in the Intellectual Heritage Program at Temple University. His research is a practice of liberatory philosophical critique, and broadly aims to foster social transformation and alter the academic landscape by drawing on marginalized theorists and traditions. Fugo's recent work has been published in Sartre Studies International and The Radical Philosophy Review.