Sartre's Theory of Emotions: A Reply to His Critics

in Volume 5 (1999): Issue 2 (Dec 1999)

Early in his career Jean-Paul Sartre dared to speak the truth about human emotions, but his message has hitherto been ignored or summarily rejected. His Sketch for a Theory of the Emotions to date has no defenders because it dispels the panoply of cherished myths surrounding emotion and propounds a thesis that affronts common sense: Emotion is the apotheosis of bad faith. This proposition is as unpalatable as it is revolutionary. Do we really want to accept the fact that joy, love, and compassion are born from duplicitous motives?

Sartre Studies International

An Interdisciplinary Journal of Existentialism and Contemporary Culture

in Volume 5 (1999): Issue 2 (Dec 1999)

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