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Contributor Notes

Peter Lurie is the author of Vision’s Immanence: Faulkner, Film, and the Popular Imagination (Johns Hopkins University Press, 2004) and of American Obscurantism: History and the Visual in U.S. Literature and Film (Oxford University Press, forthcoming), as well as the co-editor with Ann J. Abadie of Faulkner and Film (University Press of Mississippi, 2010). He is Associate Professor of English and Film Studies at the University of Richmond and in 2015 was the Fulbright Distinguished Chair in American Studies at the University of Warsaw. His current research project is provisionally titled Black Evanescence: Cinema’s Racial Ontology from Analogue to Digital.

Dr. Antonio Sanna completed his PhD at the University of Westminster in London in 2008. His main research areas are English literature, Gothic literature, horror films and TV, epic films, and cinematic adaptations. His publications include articles on Beowulf, Jane Austen’s novels, Dracula, Victorian ghost stories, The Portrait of Dorian Gray, and The Lord of the Rings. He has also published articles on films such as Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the Batman films, the Alien quadrilogy, the Harry Potter films, and the Twilight, Underworld, and Terminator sagas. He has contributed to the compilation of four encyclopedias.

Hansen Hsu is a Curator of the Center for Software History at the Computer History Museum. Hsu received his PhD in Science and Technology Studies from Cornell University in 2015, with a dissertation titled “The Appsmiths: Community, Identity, Affect and Ideology among Cocoa Developers from NeXT to iPhone.” From 1999 to 2005, Hsu worked at Apple, Inc. as a Quality Assurance Engineer on Mac OS X. Hsu received his BS in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from the University of California, Berkeley in 1999 and his MA in History from Stony Brook University in 2007.

Ella Houston is currently completing a PhD at Lancaster University, focusing on the representation of disabled women in Anglo-American advertising, from a feminist disability studies perspective. Her research interests include the following: cultural disability studies, feminist disability studies, advertising, and subjective well-being. She also teaches disability studies in the Department of Disability and Education at Liverpool Hope University.

Kristof van Baarle is a research scholar at Ghent University with a PhD fellowship of the Research Foundation, Flanders. His research focuses on critical post-humanism, Giorgio Agamben, and Kris Verdonck. Kristof has published about these topics in several journals, including DOCUMENTA, Performance Research, Etcetera, along with book chapters in edited volumes. He also works as a dramaturge for Kris Verdonck/A Two Dogs Company and is an editor of the Belgian theater journal Etcetera.

Screen Bodies

The Journal of Embodiment, Media Arts, and Technology

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