Cyclic Existence, Iteration, and Digital Transcendence

Lu Yang's Live Motion Capture Performances

in Screen Bodies
Ashley Lee Wong Cofounder and Artistic Director, MetaObjects, Hong Kong

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This article explores MetaObjects’ ongoing collaboration with Lu Yang to develop a live motion capture performance. As a studio facilitating digital production with artists, the knowledge acquired delves into the worldview of the artist reflected in works and in practice. Lu Yang's work is inherently collaborative and evolves in increasing complexity with each iteration. Similarly, reincarnation and repetition are present in Buddhist conceptions of cyclic existence and the wheel of life. Lu Yang connects an interest in folk beliefs and Chinese medicine to neuroscience presenting a multi-layering of temporalities in contemporary culture. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the performance was transformed into an online experience, deepening Lu Yang's interest in digital reincarnation. The work presents an interest in digital reincarnation where identities are fluid and open to reinvention in the virtual realm.

Contributor Notes

Ashley Lee Wong is a curator and researcher based in Hong Kong. She is co-founder and artistic director of MetaObjects, a studio facilitating digital production with artists and cultural institutions. She completed a PhD at the School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong and an MA at Goldsmiths University of London. She is a postdoctoral research associate with the Research Network for Philosophy and Technology and City University of Hong Kong. She has worked as head of Programmes and Operations of Sedition, an online platform for distributing digital limited editions by contemporary artists in London.

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Screen Bodies

The Journal of Embodiment, Media Arts, and Technology

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