Projecting the Colors of Vision

in Screen Bodies
Wendy Haslem Associate Professor, University of Melbourne, Australia

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“Projecting the Colors of Vision” investigates the role of color in the depiction of changing visual dispositions across four screen texts and the technologies that create them. This article explores the role of color in the depiction of color blindness in the abstract cell animation, Ishihara, directed by Yoav Brill (2010). It examines the role of blue in Derek Jarman's experimental film Blue (1993), and it looks into the ways that both the feature film and the virtual reality version of Notes on Blindness (James Spinney and Peter Middleton, 2016) use color, rain, and sound to sculpt spaces. This article develops an intermedial comparison of each text, focusing on image and sound as dialectical forces that invite an embodied experience of distinct perspectives.

Contributor Notes

Dr. Wendy Haslem is an associate professor in screen studies at The University of Melbourne. She is the author of Méliès to New Media: Spectral Projections (2019), A Charade of Innocence and Vice: The Gothic Films of the 1940s (2009), and articles on early film and digital cinema, including “Hidden Images: The Disappearance and Re-Appearance of the Leader Lady,” Senses of Cinema (2020), and “Borderless: Bridging Borders in Simulated Ecologies,” MAST Journal (2020).

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Screen Bodies

The Journal of Embodiment, Media Arts, and Technology

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