Book reviews

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Petra Rethmann, Tundra Passages: History and Gender in the Russian Far East

Stephen Kotkin and Bruce Elleman, eds, Mongolia in the Twentieth Century: Landlocked Cosmopolitan

Frederick Nixson, Bat Suvd, Puntsagdash Luvsandorj and Bernard Walters, eds, The Mongolian Economy: A Manual of Applied Economics for a Country in Transition

Edward J. Vajda, Yeniseian Peoples and Languages. A History of Yeniseian Studies, with an Annotated Bibliography

Wieland Hintzsche, Thomas Nickol and Ol’ga Vladimirovna Novochatko, eds, Georg Wilhelm Steller: Briefe und Dokumente, 1740

Wieland Hintzsche, ed., Georg Wilhelm Steller, Stepan Krašeninnikov, Johann Eberhard Fischer: Reisetagebücher, 1735 bis 1743