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The Australian Society of the State: Egalitarian Ideologies and New Directions in Exclusionary Practice

Bruce Kapferer and Barry Morris

Keywords: Nationalism, egalitarianism, individualism, nation-state, globalization, neoliberalism, Hansonism


This article considers the broad historical and ideological processes

that participate in forming the continuities and discontinuities of

Australian egalitarian nationalism. We draw attention to its forma-

tion and re-formation in the debates surrounding the so-called Han-

son phenomenon. Hansonism refracts the crisis of what we regard as

the Australian society of the state in the circumstances of the devel-

opment of neoliberal policies and the more recent neoconservative

turn of the current Howard government. Our argument is directed to

exploring the contradictions and tensions in Australian egalitarian

thought and practice and its thoroughgoing creative reengagement in contemporary postcolonial and postmodern Australia.

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