Volume 66 (2022): Issue 4 (Dec 2022): Special Issue: Competition in Anthropological Perspective. Guest Editors: Leo Hopkinson and Teodor Zidaru

in Social Analysis

Table of Contents

Competing for the Future
Play, Drama, and Rank in Amazonia
Pages: 26–47
The Ethics of Yoga and the Spirit of Godmen
Neoliberalism, Competition, and Capitalism in India
Pages: 48–68
E-sports vs. Exams
Competition Ideologies among Student Gamers in Neo-socialist China
Pages: 69–90
“Is There Going to Be Another Competition Today?”
Contesting Development through Competition
Pages: 91–111
Afterlives and Alter-lives
How Competitions Produce (Neoliberal?) Subjects in Indonesia
Pages: 112–133
Co-existing through Opposition
Competitive Theologies and Cohesion in a Spanish Village
Pages: 134–153
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Social Analysis

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