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  • 1 ETH Zurich
  • | 2 Vrije Universiteit Brussel
  • | 3 Brown University
  • | 4 Villanova University
  • | 5 McGill University
  • | 6 University of Vienna
  • | 7 SOAS, University of London
  • | 8 New York University
  • | 9 Maastricht University
  • | 10 East Carolina University
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Contributor Notes

Eirini Kasioumi is a researcher and lecturer in the Department of Architecture at ETH Zurich. She examines spatial planning processes for major airports, and recently coauthored The Noise Landscape: A Spatial Exploration of Airports and Cities (nai010, 2017). E-mail:

Anna Plyushteva is a postdoctoral research fellow at the Cosmopolis Centre for Urban Research at Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium. She is a transport geographer researching infrastructure, commuting, and mobilities of the urban night. E-mail:

Talya Zemach-Bersin is a Pembroke Postdoctoral Fellow at Brown University. Her forthcoming book, Imperial Pedagogies: Education and the Making of American Globalism, is under contract with Harvard University Press. E-mail:

Kathleen F. Oswald is an adjunct in the Communication Department at Villanova University, where she teaches classes in new media and visual communication. Her research focuses on smart technologies, critical infrastructure, television, and mobilities. E-mail:

Molly Sauter is a Vanier Scholar and PhD candidate in Communication Studies at McGill University and the author of The Coming Swarm: DDoS Actions, Hacktivism, and Civil Disobedience on the Internet (Bloomsbury, 2014). E-mail:

Alexandra Ganser is Professor of American Literary and Cultural Studies at the University of Vienna and a key researcher in the interdisciplinary research platform “Mobile Cultures and Societies.” She is the author of Roads of Her Own: Gendered Space and Mobility in American Women’s Road Narratives, 1970–2000 (Rodopi, 2009) and Crisis and Legitimacy in Atlantic Narratives of Piracy, 1678–1865 (Palgrave Macmillan, forthcoming). E-mail:

Mustafa Ahmed Khan is a doctoral researcher in the Department of Anthropology and Sociology at SOAS, University of London. His research focuses on a large coal mining and road-building project in Pakistan. E-mail:

Natasha Raheja is a PhD candidate in anthropology at New York University. Her research examines state governance, religion, and migration across the India-Pakistan border, and her film Cast in India was released in 2014. E-mail:

Harry Oosterhuis teaches history in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at Maastricht University. His research focuses on the history of psychiatry and mental health care, of sexuality and gender, of health and citizenship, and of bicycling. E-mail:

Benjamin Fraser is Professor and Chair of the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures at East Carolina University. He has published some seventy articles and fifteen books on cultural production, and his monograph Visible Cities: Urban Images and Spatial Form in Global Comics is under contract with the University Press of Mississippi. E-mail:


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