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  • 1 California State University
  • | 2 Durham University
  • | 3 Jewish Voice for Peace
  • | 4 Monash University
  • | 5 University of Manitoba
  • | 6 UCLA Center for Jewish Studies
  • | 7 University of Vienna
  • | 8 Virginia Tech
  • | 9 Independent Scholar
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Contributor Notes

Tristan Josephson is Assistant Professor of Women’s Studies at California State University, Sacramento. His research interests include trans studies and politics, US immigration law, and queer theory. E-mail:

Marcin B. Stanek is a doctoral candidate in Human Geography at Durham University. His work focuses on international and decolonial education in Bolivia. E-mail:

Tallie Ben Daniel is the Research and Education Manager at Jewish Voice for Peace. Her book Gay Capital: San Francisco, Tel Aviv and the Politics of Settler Colonialism is under contract with Fordham University Press. E-mail:

Jeremy Ash is Lecturer at the Monash Indigenous Studies Centre, Monash University. His current interdisciplinary research explores the archaeology and history of the recent past in Torres Strait. E-mail:

Liz Millward is Associate Professor of Women’s and Gender Studies at the University of Manitoba, Canada. Her current research examines the transnational circuits of mobility undertaken by lesbians seeking political community in the 1970s and 1980s. E-mail:

Caroline Luce is the Ross Postdoctoral Fellow of the UCLA Center for Jewish Studies and Chief Curator of the Mapping Jewish Los Angeles project ( E-mail:

Regine Buschauer is a researcher in Media Studies specializing in mobile media and information and communications technology (ICT). She is based in Zurich and is currently a lecturer at the University of Vienna. E-mail:

Amanda K. Phillips is a doctoral candidate in Science and Technology Studies at Virginia Tech. Her interests include infrastructure, spatial studies, and the US Interstate System. E-mail:

Javier Caletrío is scientific advisor to the Mobile Lives Forum. E-mail:


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