Frakcija 55 “Curating performing arts” (2010)

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  • 1 Performing Arts Curator, Dramaturge and Writer
  • | 2 Theater and Film Director
  • | 3 Choreographer and Theater Maker
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TURBA in conversation with Florian Malzacher, Tea Tupajić, and Petra Zanki

Contributor Notes

Florian Malzacher is a performing arts curator, dramaturge and writer, a graduate of the Institute for Applied Theater Studies at the University of Giessen. Current projects include Training for the Future (with Jonas Staal) and the discourse platform The Art of Assembly. Among his recent publications are Empty Stages, Crowded Flats: Performativity as Curatorial Strategy (2017, with Joanna Warsza), and Gesellschaftsspiele: Politisches Theater heute (2020, English edition forthcoming).

Tea Tupajić is a theater and film director, who studied at the Academy of Dramatic Art in Zagreb. She initiates long-lasting projects exploring the potential of art when encountered with complex political issues. Her projects The Curators’ Piece (2011, with Petra Zanki), Variete Europe (2013), The Disco (2015), Spy School (2015), DARK NUMBERS (2018), and Bosnian Girl (2021) were presented internationally.

Petra Zanki is choreographer and theater maker living in Brooklyn, New York, graduate in Comparative Literature and French from the University of Arts and Philosophy in Zagreb. Her performance works include Paces (2010), The Curators’ Piece (2011, with Tea Tupajić), and Pleasant Place (2019). Growing up in Croatia during the war, Petra's interest remains the transformation of pain into landscapes of beauty for the benefit of humanity.


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