From Cabaret to International Festivals

The Accidental Cultivation of a Curatorial Approach

Author: Robyn Archer1
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  • 1 Singer, Writer, Director, Artistic Director, and Public Advocate for the Arts
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I write not as an academic, but as a singer, writer of works for the stage, festival director, and arts advisor. The word curator first entered my understanding as the role of those working in art galleries and museums: those skilled individuals who “cared for” their collections. The word has now spread to many of the things that I do, including the way I have “put together” large international arts festivals.

Contributor Notes

Robyn Archer is a singer, writer, director, artistic director, and public advocate for the arts. A multi-award-winning artist, she has written many works for the stage and sings a wide-ranging repertoire from her own works to Brecht and his collaborators. Robyn has also directed multiple major international arts festivals.