COUNTER Statistics

The Berghahn Journals site provides COUNTER reports in accordance with the COUNTER Code of Practice v4.0:

To retrieve your institutions’ COUNTER reports, please follow these steps:

·         Log into the Access Management System using the credentials provided by Berghahn

o    If you cannot locate this information, please email

·         Select the "Reports" tab, under which you will find the following reports and the NISO SUSHI service information.

o    JR 1 - Number of Successful Full-Text Article Requests by Month and Journal

o    JR 1 - GOA - Number of Gold Open-Access Article Requests by Month and Journal

o    JR 2 - Access Denied to Full-Text Articles by Month, Journal and Category

o    JR 5 - Number of Successful Full-Text Article Requests by Year-of-Publication (YOP) and Journal

·         You have the option to run a report based on the current calendar year (2017) or to select a timeframe of your own choosing using the the various dropdowns. 

o    Please note that due to changes in our platform vendor, reports for Q1 2016 are no longer available.

o    In addition, owing to the transfer, reports for Q2 2016 are not included in the above online reports and need be requested from Berghahn directly. Please contact us at:

·         It is also possible to see partial data for the current month by changing the "End Date”. Reports are updated on a nightly basis and reflect the events of the previous 24-hours.

·         Reports may be downloaded for viewing within a browser using the HTML option, or downloaded as TSV of CSV files.


If you have any questions or problems accessing these reports, please contact us: