Copyright Transfer Agreement

Following Berghan's publishing policies, once your article has been accepted for publication, the journal's editor will ask you to sign an author agreement. This agreement transfers your copyright to Berghahn or its publishing partner for the journal, as stated on the form you receive. This form will also outline the rights you are entitled to regarding dissemination and use of the article in its postprint or published form.

As the administrator of the author’s article's copyright on behalf of the journal, Berghahn will take on the full responsibility of managing any licensing and permissions requests to enable the widest possible distribution of the author’s scholarship across the fields relevant to the article. We understand that this stipulation means that the author does not have total control over the circulation of the article; however, as the copyright transfer agreement details, the rights we grant our authors in the republication and dissemination of their own work are extensive. Ultimately, our agreements are designed to ensure that priority is given to the best interests of the overall academic community that Berghahn, as a long-time scholarly publisher, serves.