Each Berghahn journal has its own editorial office and its own manuscript submission guidelines, so please be sure to review them for matters concerning article length, biographical information for authors, style guide, citation formatting, and other specific requirements.


The submission document should be a Microsoft Word or Rich Text Format (RTF) file and must be set at the US letter standard size. The entire document (including notes and references) should be double-spaced with 1-inch (2.5 cm) margins on all sides and no extra spaces between paragraphs. A 12-point standard font such as Times New Roman is required for all text, including headings, notes, and references. Any unusual characters or diacritics should be flagged by placing the entire word in red type.

Different levels of headings are indicated by varying the typeface. Use bold type for an A head (a main text heading). Use bold italics for a B head (a first-level subheading). Use non-bold italics for a C head.

Superscript note reference numbers and/or asterisks are not placed on article titles, headings, epigraphs, or contributors’ names.

Cover Page

Most journals request a cover page that provides the title of the article, complete contact information for each author (mailing address, phone number, and e-mail), biographical data of approximately 100 words for each author, a total word count, the number of tables and/or figures included, and any acknowledgments. Affiliations and e-mail addresses will be posted online for indexing/abstracting purposes. For details on how to best title your article, please see the section on Increasing Article Visibility.


Research articles must include an abstract and keywords (the length and number of which depend on the the journal’s manuscript submission guidelines). The abstract should not duplicate the text verbatim but rather include the research question or puzzle, identify the data, and give some indication of the findings. Keywords should be drawn from the content, listed in alphabetical order, and separated by commas; only proper nouns should be capitalized.

For more details on how to best write your abstract and choose your keywords, please see the section on Increasing Article Visibility.