Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to frequently asked questions. If you cannot find the information you are looking for, please get in touch with us by emailing our Journals team.

Important Updates

Berghahn Journals no longer works with Turpin Distribution. Any orders, claims, or queries should be addressed directly to Berghahn.

Printing and shipping operations are currently delayed due to COVID-19. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

FAQ: Subscription Fulfillment Process

Where should agents/libraries send over subscriptions and claims to Berghahn Journals?

Please direct all requests to:

Where can I find my customer number and product codes?

Customer numbers are included in all renewal reminders and invoices. If you need the information immediately, please contact us at:

Product codes can be viewed here.

Does Berghahn provide an ftp to import and export subscription files?

Most agents and libraries send over files directly via email, but we are able to create an ftp if needed.

What are the new contact details to direct orders and payment remittance notifications?

Berghahn Journals Subscriptions
c/o Berghahn Books
20 Jay Street, Suite 502
Brooklyn, NY 11201
Phone: 212-233-6004 / Fax: 212-233-6007

Please direct all inquiries regarding subscriptions to

For full subscription policy details, please visit the Pricing and Policies tab of this page.

General Subscription Information

What kinds of subscriptions are there?

Berghahn offers both institutional and individual subscriptions. The types of subscriptions are as follows:

  • Print and Online
  • Online-only
  • Subscribe-to-Open:
    For institutional subscribers, Berghahn Open Anthro (BOA), the new subscribe-to-open pilot flipping 15 core anthropology journals to open access is in effect starting in 2020. The subscription and renewal process goes through the usual channels while supporting wider open access aims.

View the Librarians resource page for more information about institutional subscriptions.

How do I purchase a journal subscription?

For institutional subscriptions, contact your agent or Berghahn directly at

For individual subscriptions, contact Berghahn at

I only want one journal issue.

We offer single print issues for both individuals and institutions. We do not offer online access to single journal issues. However, our online-only individual and student subscription rates are made affordable. View rates here.

Does Berghahn offer membership subscriptions?

Berghahn offers membership subscriptions for society-affiliated journals. For complete membership details and online access please visit the individual journal homepages.

*For online access to Projections, please visit the Society for Cognitive Studies of the Moving Image's membership page (SCSMI members).

I need information about your license agreement.

Berghahn Journals supports the NISO-sponsored SERU initiative (Shared Electronic Resource Understanding). Institutions registered with the NISO/SERU and wishing to subscribe to any Berghahn Journal may forego a traditional licensing agreement and operate under SERU Recommended Practices and should notify Berghahn accordingly.

If a license is required, please refer to the standard Berghahn Journals license agreement: View the Academic License agreement (PDF)

For journals that are a part of the Berghahn Open Anthro (BOA) pilot, the site license applies to all pre-2020 content for all journal articles within the Berghahn Open Anthro Pilot. From January 1st, 2020 when the Berghahn Open Anthro Pilot began, the CC BY license attributed to each article applies to the open access content.

Any questions should be directed to:


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Berghahn Journals now handles its own subscription fulfillment.

Any orders, claims, or queries should be addressed directly to Berghahn at

Agency Commissions

Berghahn offers a 3% discount to subscription agents on the subscription rate only.


The following details are required to submit orders:

  • Customer account numbers
  • Product name/code and volume year
  • Complete end-user contact information, including librarian name and email address
  • IP ranges (proxy addresses listed separately)
  • Shipping address (print orders only)


2024 Pricing

View 2024 institutional rates

View 2024 archive rates  

In 2024, we will introduce a tiered pricing system. We aim to provide smaller institutions and cultural institutions with fair pricing that correlates to their size and/or number of patrons served. The tier breakdowns and explanations are noted here.


Renewals will be issued by Berghahn to agents and any direct subscribers. Please reference the Berghahn customer numbers and product codes on all renewals and new orders.

Berghahn Open Anthro (BOA)

There are no changes to the renewal process of participating BOA journals. The discounted Berghahn Open Anthro Collection is also available. Please view pricing.  


All orders must be prepaid, including all appropriate postage charges and taxes, if applicable. Only upon receipt of payment will the order be processed and online access activated.

All payments must be remitted in USD, EURO, or GBP according to currency billed.


Checks and money orders should be made payable to Berghahn Books. Checks must be drawn on banks located in the United States.

Credit cards

Orders may be charged to MasterCard, VISA, or American Express.

Wire Transfers

Customers may submit payment via wire transfer. Please contact Berghahn Journals for banking information:

Customers are responsible for any bank fees associated with wire transfers.

Once the wire transfer has been made, send an email with the remittance statement to with the following information:

  • Customer account or invoice number
  • Description of items purchased with incoming funds

If you do not send a remittance statement, this may result in processing delays.


Orders are subject to taxes as required. Any tax-exemptions should provide the necessary notice of exemption to avoid charges.


All subscriptions billed to Canada are subject to a Goods and Services Tax (GST) or the Harmonized Sales Tax (HST). Please add 7% GST to the prices quoted or provide notice of GST exemption or submit proof of exemption.


Subscriptions in the EU may be subject to European VAT. Registered subscribers are asked to please supply details to avoid unnecessary charges. VAT will not be included on the invoice.

Online Access

Institutional online access is granted via IP addresses. Please contact us with any updates or issues at

All Berghahn Journals can be accessed here:


All print copies are shipped to subscribers via United States Postal Service or UPS in the United States and via Globegistics for international subscribers. North American subscribers should allow for up to six weeks for delivery. Subscribers outside the US should allow up to 90 days.

Claims for Print

Claims for issues that been lost or damaged in transit will be replaced free of charge one time. Claims must be made within six months from the date of shipment or upon receipt of the next issue, whichever comes first. Further replacement copies must be purchased at the single-issue rate.

Claims must include customer number, journal volume and issue, as well as shipping address.

Cancellation Policy

Institutional and individual subscription orders are final and may not be cancelled after the start of the subscription term in both print and online format. Partial refunds will not be given for format adjustments after the subscription has begun. Print back-issue orders cannot be cancelled or returned once issues have been shipped.


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How do I access journal articles?

Where do I access journal content?

All content published by Berghahn Journals is available on

Can I purchase back issues or single issues?

Yes. Back issues and single print issues are available to purchase for most journals. Please contact us at

What can I access with a subscription to a Berghahn Journal?

With a current institutional subscription, customers will have access to the entire back archive of the subscribed journal for duration of their subscription.

Is post-cancellation access available?

Yes, Berghahn Journals provides post-cancellation access for institutional subscribers to issues of the journal published during the term of the subscription. We work with CLOCKSS, LOCKSS, and Portico. We also have an option to continue to host on the Berghahn Online site for a fee.


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Does Berghahn participate in the major search and discovery services?

Yes, content published in Berghahn Journals is indexed by Scopus, Web of Science, ERIH, Ebsco, JSTOR, ProQuest, Cengage, and relevant discipline-specific abstracting and indexing services. Discovery services will be updated with content URLs.

In what formats is journal content available online?

Subscribers may access PDF journal content on our new online platform. Full text HTML versions of articles will be available soon for articles from 2016 to the present.

What digital preservation arrangements have been made to ensure published content is available in perpetuity?

Berghahn Journals will continue its participation in trusted third-party archive programs (CLOCKSS, LOCKSS, and Portico).

How do I log in to the Access Management System?

Please go to: to login to the Access Management System (AMS). If you have not yet been provided these credentials, please contact

What information is available on the Access Management System (AMS)?

  • IP addresses: If IPs need to be updated, please contact Berghahn.
  • Subscriptions
  • Contact Information
  • COUNTER Reporting
  • An option to update OpenURL details

What is Berghahn's EZ Proxy Stanza?

Title Berghahn Books

What do librarians need to do on the Berghahn Online site?

Librarians will gain administrative access to the Access Management System, through which they can download COUNTER reports. If you have not yet been provided the details for creating and logging into this account, please contact

How are Recommended Articles lists created?

Berghahn uses TrendMD, a third party service, to generate recommendations for further reading within our own publications, and across other publishers, based on the interests of other readers in our academic fields. This means that while we cannot manually adjust these recommendation lists, we are leveraging a vast network of data and information across publishers and academic fields to help our readers find the most relevant content possible.

Our participation in the TrendMD network not only connects the researchers on our platform to related works elsewhere, but enhances the exposure and discoverability of our own authors and their works, which appear as recommendations on other publishers’ websites.

For more information on the how TrendMD creates these recommendation lists, you can visit their website. For information about user privacy and your options as a reader, click the gear icon at the bottom right of any Recommended Articles list.


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