Author FAQ

What does Berghahn Open Anthro mean for me?

Your contribution to a journal within the BOA-S2O collection will be published Open Access, without the need for you or your funder to pay an APC (Article Processing Cost) or any other fee. All costs for BOA-S2O are supported by subscriptions from participating libraries.

Is submitting to a BOA-S2O journal different than the regular submissions process?

In short, no. Guidelines for submitting an article to any of the 13 journals in the BOA-S2O collection are unchanged. Please visit the "Submit" tab of the journal to which you are contributing and follow that journal's individual guidelines.

I understand this is a pilot, but what does that mean in the long term?

While the BOA-S2O model has been greeted with great enthusiasm by libraries, authors should be mindful that the duration of the pilot is three years.

This means that if library subscriptions and renewals decline after three years, the pilot will no longer be viable and the Open Access publication of contributions to future issues of journals in the BOA-S2O collection may not continue.

The success of the pilot is wholly dependent on libraries continuing to subscribe to the package. Only with the long-term, fixed support of participating and new libraries will the success of the pilot be guaranteed and thus the future publication of Open Access articles within the BOA-S2O collection will be sustained. If your own library does not currently participate in the BOA-S2O initiative, you can recommend that they do using this form.

Which license is right for me?

Under Berghahn Open Anthro, you the author retain copyright of your work. You must choose one of three Creative Commons licenses to use for publication of your article.

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