COVID-19 Update


The impact of COVID-19 in fields outside science and medicine, is one that the academic community is only just beginning to process. As the community starts to research and publish papers on the effect of the global pandemic within other areas of study such as sociology, anthropology, politics, and gender studies, we will collate that content on a new COVID-19 page. This page will reflect the dynamic and organic content of our journals and as it is updated, it will be a record of COVID-19’s continuing reach, repercussion and reverberation through every aspect of life, in every part of the world.


A Message from Berghahn Books to the academic community

Our thoughts are with all of you and your families as you try to cope with the personal and professional disruptions that this pandemic has brought upon all of us.

For our part, both offices have been working from home since early March as we took preemptive steps to do what we could to protect our team. Luckily, we are well equipped to do our work remotely and everyone is now settling into their routines as best as possible (there are many happy cats). However, these are not "business as usual" times, and while we are all trying our best to keep our stride, we remain mindful of the need to maintain a healthy balance that also supports everyone's mental and physical wellbeing during such unnerving times. A balance we hope you are also able to manage in some form.

The welfare of all of our colleagues in the academic community worldwide is also on our minds and we hope to do all we can to offer whatever additional support is possible.

Here are some of the ways we seek to help you overcome the challenges many of you – and your students – face in teaching and researching outside of your universities:


Free access to all Berghahn Journals

In addition to those BOA journals available open access, all Berghahn Journals—new issues and all back issues—will be made freely available through June 30. Please view the journals list here.

Open access eBooks and journals

As courses transition to online, we are offering a growing number of Open Access texts (many offered in both ePub and .pdf format) available for direct download from our website. View the complete list of OA eBooks here.

For open access journals, visit our journals site to access a number of OA articles as well as to learn about our Berghahn Open Anthro pilot, which makes all 2020 issues of this select anthropology collection available in open access thanks to the Subscribe-to-open model.

Unlimited User access for Library eBooks

Berghahn Books supports its key library partners, ProQuest, EBSCO, and Gardners in granting students unlimited access to their library’s eBooks holdings for a 90-day period. Another important library partner for us, JSTOR, has always offered unlimited user access so you can find a wide selection of our titles going back many years there too.

As an early advocate of unlimited-user eBooks, we are proud to contribute to such initiatives especially as a great way to enable broad student access now and in the future. If your library does not hold the book you need, you can recommend it on our eBooks page.

Free and extended digital exam copies

For deciding on books for your current or upcoming semester's class, we provide free digital inspection copies and have also extended the standard review period to 90 days. Sign up for free e-inspection copies here.

Virtual Booths

While most Spring/Summer academic conferences are cancelled with travel suspensions also in effect for Berghahn staff, we would still like to present the latest titles and offer conference discounts via our Virtual Booths:


All our books remain available in print and all orders continue to be fulfilled by our distribution partners for however long as possible. Please find updates from our distributors and partners below:

  • For customers across North America, South America, Australia, and China
    Ingram Academic Services

    Ingram Content Group's business activities in warehousing, distribution, and printing have been classified as essential in geographies where 'shelter in place' or 'lockdown' orders have been issued. At this time, all of Ingram Content Group's world-wide distribution and printing facilities remain open. Ingram is monitoring and responding to the situation and will accommodate any changes as required.
  • For customers across the UK, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and SE Asia
    Turpin Distribution

    Turpin remains fully open and is focused on ensuring business continuity for all clients. They are continuing to relocate office staff to home working and during this ongoing process there will be some delays in their response times as they implement these emergency measures. The Turpin eCommerce site EBIZ is open for all customers wishing to place orders, pay invoices or subscribe to new journals. Turpin will continue to monitor the government guidelines and will adjust their business practices in line with any changes.


Berghahn's global sales representatives and agents will continue their promotions and remain supportive of their libraries and booksellers as they navigate the current challenges in the publishing world. They are working from home and available to contact via phone and email as needed.

Retail Sales

As bookstores are forced to close their doors to the public across the globe, we encourage you to support your local bookstore and independent sellers now more than ever via their online stores, where you can find our titles in print and ebook formats.If you are unable to get any BB book from your usual offline or online bookstore please either order from us directly or email us as we may be able to help.

If there are any other ways we can support you during this time, please get in touch. We will do our best. Our dedicated BB team is tackling these challenging times with creativity, positivity, and perseverance. Together we can get through this.

In the meantime, from our family to yours, we wish you and your loved ones good health.
We hope for better times ahead for everyone.