FAQ: Online Platform

Berghahn Journals Online Platform FAQ

Berghahn Online offers a high-performing platform with the following innovative features and services in addition to those already offered to Institutional Users:

Admin Users

  • Seamless content authorization based on institutional IP address
  • Marc Records support that allows for easy download on a per subscription basis
  • More purchase options for custom journal collections
  • Customization to include institutional branding, including library name, logo and URL
  • Continuous access to up-to-date COUNTER reports and SUSHI support


  • Mobile optimized responsive site design
  • Increased content discoverability through OAI-PMH support
  • Improved search results
  • User-defined personalization including saved searches, bookmarking, and annotation

FAQ: General

Where do I access journal content?
All content published by Berghahn Journals is available on www.berghahnjournals.com.

Does Berghahn participate in the major search and discovery services?
Yes, content published in Berghahn Journals is indexed by Scopus, Web of Science, ERIH, Ebsco, JSTOR, ProQuest, Cengage, and relevant discipline-specific abstracting and indexing services. Discovery services will be updated with content URLs.

In what formats is journal content available online?
Subscribers may access PDF journal content on our new online platform.

I set up direct links to journal content on IngentaConnect. Will these links continue to work?
No. Please bookmark journal pages on the Berghahn Online platform to ensure easy access to the most complete journal content.

Please view the list of links to Berghahn Journals content below.

What digital preservation arrangements have been made to ensure published content is available in perpetuity?
Berghahn Journals will continue its participation in trusted third-party archive programs (CLOCKSS, LOCKSS, and Portico).

If you have additional questions, please review this FAQ, or contact us at info@berghahnjournals.com.

FAQ: Librarians

How do I renew or place an order for the 2018 subscription year?
Subscriptions to our journal will continue to be handled by Turpin Distribution. Please contact Turpin directly or through your agent.

How do I log in to the administrative account?
Please go to: https://ams.berghahnjournals.com/login to login to the Access Management System (AMS). If you have not yet been provided these credentials, please contact info@berghahnjournals.com

What information is available on the Access Management System (AMS)?

  • IP addresses: If IPs need to be updated, please contact Turpin.
  • Subscriptions
  • Contact Information
  • COUNTER Reporting
  • An option to update OpenURL details

What is Berghahn's EZ Proxy Stanza?

  • Title Berghahn Books
  • URL https://www.berghahnjournals.com
  • Host www.berghahnjournals.com
  • HJ www.berghahnjournals.com
  • DJ berghahnjournals.com

What do I need to do on the Berghahn Online site?
Librarians will gain administrative access to the Access Management System, through which they can download COUNTER reports. If you have not yet been provided the details for creating and logging into this account, please contact info@berghahnjournals.com.

How does this affect my full-run subscription to a Berghahn Journal?
Current institutional subscribers will retain access to all volumes of their respective journals for the duration of the subscription term, but access will transition to our new platform.

Is post-cancellation access still available?
Yes, Berghahn Journals provides post-cancellation access for institutional subscribers to issues of the journal published during the term of the subscription. Post-cancellation content previously hosted on IngentaConnect will now be hosted on the new online platform subject to the same fee. You may always elect to access post-cancellation content through any of our archival partners.

Journals URLs

Anthropological Journal of European Cultures https://berghahnjournals.com/ajec
Anthropology in Action https://berghahnjournals.com/aia
Anthropology of the Middle East https://berghahnjournals.com/ame
Aspasia https://berghahnjournals.com/aspasia
Boyhood Studies https://berghahnjournals.com/boyhood-studies
The Cambridge Journal of Anthropology https://berghahnjournals.com/cja
Conflict & Society https://berghahnjournals.com/conflict-and-society
Contention https://berghahnjournals.com/contention
Contributions to the History of Concepts https://berghahnjournals.com/contributions
Critical Survey https://berghahnjournals.com/critical-survey
Democratic Theory https://berghahnjournals.com/democratic-theory
Durkheimian Studies / Études Durkheimiennes https://berghahnjournals.com/durkheimian-studies
Environment and Society https://berghahnjournals.com/environment-and-society
European Comic Art https://berghahnjournals.com/eca
European Judaism https://berghahnjournals.com/european-judaism
Focaal https://berghahnjournals.com/focaal
French Politics, Culture and Society https://berghahnjournals.com/fpcs
German Politics and Society https://berghahnjournals.com/gps
Girlhood Studies https://berghahnjournals.com/girlhood-studies
Historical Reflections/Réflexions Historiques https://berghahnjournals.com/historical-reflections
International Journal of Social Quality https://berghahnjournals.com/ijsq
Israel Studies Review https://berghahnjournals.com/israel-studies-review
Italian Politics https://berghahnjournals.com/italian-politics
Journal of Educational Memory, Media, and Society https://berghahnjournals.com/jemms
Journeys https://berghahnjournals.com/journeys
Learning and Teaching (LATISS) https://berghahnjournals.com/latiss
Mobility in History https://berghahnjournals.com/mobility-in-history
Museum Worlds https://berghahnjournals.com/museum-worlds
Nature and Culture https://berghahnjournals.com/nature-and-culture
Projections https://berghahnjournals.com/projections
Regions & Cohesion https://berghahnjournals.com/regions-and-cohesion
Religion & Society https://berghahnjournals.com/religion-and-society
Sartre Studies International https://berghahnjournals.com/sartre-studies
Screen Bodies https://berghahnjournals.com/screen-bodies
Sibirica https://berghahnjournals.com/sibirica
Social Analysis https://berghahnjournals.com/social-analysis
Theoria https://berghahnjournals.com/theoria
Transfers https://berghahnjournals.com/transfers