Reprinting Your Article

As the author of an article published in a Berghahn journal, you can reprint your own work without formal permission from Berghahn. As a courtesy, we ask that you acknowledge the original publication of the work (whether as a complete duplication or a revised version of the article) with publication details. This can be done in the form of a foot- or endnote or on the copyright page.

  • For example: “This article was originally published as …” or “An earlier version of this chapter/Chapter X was originally published as …”
  • [Author], [“Title”], [Journal], Vol. X, No. Y (Year): pp–pp - Berghahn Books (or Journal name or publishing partner, as specified in the journal).

Please note that third-party publications in which the author is not directly involved, such as anthologies or readers, require specific permission from the publisher. More information can be found on our rights and permissions page.