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Pettman, Dominic. Infinite Distraction

Paying Attention to Social Media

Conor Heaney

that modern technologies render its scale wider than ever before. Whether on Facebook, Tinder, Twitter, or Instagram: compulsory self-commodification and visibility (Foucault’s panoptic nightmare) is, increasingly, the only game in town. Our

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Objects of Dispute

Planning, Discourse, and State Power in Post-War France

Edward Welch

population. Its reorganization of space, infrastructure, and living places emerges as a tangible manifestation of the state’s power over human life, defined by Michel Foucault in the 1970s as “bio-politics.” 10 That stories of state power told from the

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Editorial Introduction

The Role of “Voluntariness” in the Governance of Migration

Reinhard Schweitzer, Rachel Humphris, and Pierre Monforte

subjects’ freedom to choose thus becomes not only a precondition for, but also a tool of, governance ( Rose 1999 ; Foucault 2007 ; Dean 2010 ). Importantly, as Cleton and Chauvin (2020: 298–299 ) recently argued in relation to the politics of “voluntary

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“I Am Trying” to Perform Like an Ideal Boy

The Construction of Boyhood through Corporal Punishment and Educational Discipline in Taare Zameen Par

Natasha Anand

Discipline and Punish ([1975] 1995)—the text that influences my entire discussion—Michel Foucault gives the classroom weight equal to the jail house or the factory as evidence for a panoptic discipline that pins the subject within its gaze. In such a gaze

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The Madness of King Charles III

Shakespeare and the Modern Monarchy

Richard Wilson

nation to bring its king to trial’, therefore became a cliché of the New Historicism. 6 In the words of Michel Foucault, Shakespeare helped to make it ‘a custom for kings to lose their heads’. 7 But the Bardolatry of the ‘Royal Actor’ who would be the

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Mimetic Governmentality, Colonialism, and the State

Patrice Ladwig and Ricardo Roque

concept, but not as original and creative behavior. Instead, as in Cervantes’s Don Quixote , imitation became a topic for parodies of outdated mechanical behavior ( Foucault [1966] 1994: 46–48 ). In colonial discourse, we believe that a similar procedure

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Dis-orienting Western Knowledge

Coloniality, Curriculum and Crisis

Zeus Leonardo

, historians and philologists. Imperialism did not only use powder but also power, or if Foucault (1980) might prefer, power/knowledge. Said’s debt to the Foucault (1977) of Discipline and Punish is clear when the former affirms the latter

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Guiding Girls

Neoliberal Governance and Government Educational Resource Manuals in Canada

Lisa Smith and Stephanie Paterson

-being, and overall lifestyle are both valued and encouraged ( Lupton 1995 ; Rose 1990 ). Thus, girl power is part of a more general move towards the cultivation of subjects who, according to Michel Foucault (1991) , internalize surveillance and govern

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Concerning Durkheim's 1899 Lecture ‘On Penal Sanctions’

Introduction, Translation Notes, and Comments

Ronjon Paul Datta and François Pizarro Noël

which has the authority of tradition’ ( Durkheim [1920] 1978: 201, 267n5 ). This strongly suggests that Durkheim was operating within the ontologically realist terms of the Modern episteme , as understood by Michel Foucault ([1966] 1994) . In this

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Bringing the state back in

Corporate social responsibility and the paradoxes of Norwegian state capitalism in the international energy sector

Ståle Knudsen, Dinah Rajak, Siri Lange, and Isabelle Hugøy

foundational (though very different) texts of David Harvey and Michel Foucault continue to dominate the scene, and so it is with these that we begin. 2 Despite Harvey's concession that “a dialectical relation between territorial [i.e. state] and capitalistic