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From Multifaceted Resistance to Multidimensional Identities

Ultra-Orthodox Women Working toward Bachelor's Degrees at a Secular Teacher Training College

Sigal Oppenhaim-Shachar and Michal Hisherik

York : Basic Books . Cahaner , Lee . 2017 . “ Modern Ultra-Orthodox Women Treading the Borderline: Spaces of Identity, Otherness and Solidarity .” [In Hebrew.] Devarim 10 : 109 – 136 . Caplan , Kimmy , and Emmanuel Sivan . 2003

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Book Reviews

Gregory Mahler, Ami Pedahzur, Ilan Peleg, Morrie Fred, and Louis A. Fishman

. Manekin, Regular Soldiers, Irregular War: Violence and Restraint in the Second Intifada (Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Press, 2020), 264 pp., $39.95 (hardback). In this timely book, Devorah S. Manekin from the Hebrew University identifies the

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Agenda Control by Committee Chairs in Fragmented Multi-party Parliaments

A Knesset Case Study

Maoz Rosenthal

Competition over Self-Government for Scotland, 1974–97 .” Party Politics 15 ( 1 ): 49 – 68 . 10.1177/1354068808097893 Doron , Gideon. 1996 . Strategy of Elections . [In Hebrew.] Rehovot : Kivunim . Doron , Gideon. 2002 . “ A Recipe for Failure

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Eilon Schwartz

Mind: Why Good People Are Divided by Politics and Religion . New York : Pantheon Books . Mizrachi , Nissim . 2011 . “ Beyond the Garden and the Jungle: On the Social Limits of Human Rights Discourse in Israel .” [In Hebrew.] Ma’asei Mishpat 4

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Liberal Whispers and Propaganda Fears

The American Jewish Committee and Israel’s Palestinian Minority, 1948–1966

Geoffrey P. Levin

committed to the Arab minority issue that his colleagues felt as though he was “kind of acting as an independent mission.” 27 Marshall had a unique personal connection to Palestinian-Arab affairs. His uncle, Hebrew University President Judah Magnes, had co

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Book Reviews

Yitzhak Reiter, Ned Lazarus, Uri Ben-Eliezer, Adi Mahalel, Orna Sasson-Levy, and Shalom Rosenberg

Nitzan Lebovic , Zionism and Melancholy: The Short Life of Israel Zarchi (Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 2019), 186 pp. Hardback, $80.00. European-born Israel Zarchi (1909–1947) was a very active Hebrew author in the Yishuv of the 1930s–1940s

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Introducing a New Dataset

The Israeli Policy Agendas Project

Amnon Cavari, Maoz Rosenthal, and Ilana Shpaizman

experience of other projects, and the added complexities in machine coding of Hebrew texts, we decided to rely on hand-coding of all series. For this task, we recruited students from our institutions. Each coder had to go through a training session to use the

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Israel's Ground Forces in the Occupied Territories

Policing and the Juridification of Soldiering

Eyal Ben-Ari and Uzi Ben-Shalom

Berda , Yael . 2015 . “ Managing Dangerous Populations: From Colonial Emergency Laws to Anti-Terror Laws in Israel and India .” [In Hebrew.] Theory and Criticism 44 : 97 – 126 . Berda , Yael . 2017 . Living Emergency: Israel's Permit Regime in

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Israel’s Innovative Young Adults Lists

Robust Participation in Institutional Municipal Politics

Zvi Hadar, Fany Yuval, and Rebecca Kook

Israel . [In Hebrew.] Tel Aviv : Am Oved . Gendźwiłł , Adam and Tomasz Żółtak . 2014 . “ Why Do Non-partisans Challenge Parties in Local Politics? The (Extreme) Case of Poland .” Europe-Asia Studies 66 ( 7 ): 1122 – 1145 . https

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Book Reviews

Nissim Leon, Judy Baumel-Schwartz, Amir Paz-Fuchs, and Roy Kreitner

the establishment of the country in 1948 up to the present. Katz’s book is a welcome addition to existing studies on commemoration in Israel, and particularly military commemoration during the state’s 70 years of existence. Its Hebrew version was