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Germany’s Role in the EU-27 Leadership Constellation after Brexit

Christian Schweiger

. The EU’s Multiple Crises and the Declining Fortunes of Germany’s Leadership The Global Financial Crisis and the Eurozone Crisis The dramatic events which unfolded in the eu and the Eurozone after the onset of the global financial crisis in 2008

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Threatening or Benevolent Hegemon?

How Polish Political Elites Frame Their Discourse on “German Hegemony”

Ireneusz Pawel Karolewski and Maciej Olejnik

assumptions with regard to the effective impact of Germany on the bailout rules in the Eurozone crisis (2009–2014), and its supposedly growing ambitions in international politics, including Germany's participation in the Iran deal negotiations (2015), its

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Leading through a Decade of Crisis—Not Bad, After All

Germany’s Leadership Demand and Followership Inclusion, 2008-2018

Valerio Alfonso Bruno and Giacomo Finzi

continuous “decade of crisis” and crisis management: 2 Economic or commercial: began with concerns regarding the sustainability of the Greek public debt (2010-2018) and escalated to a full Eurozone crisis (2009-2014); alongside the recent and ongoing

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The AfD and the End of Containment in Germany?

David Art

Austrian Freedom Party thus currently find themselves in similar commanding positions to those they held in 2000. Shocks to the System Within the space of six years, the European Union faced two monumental challenges: the Eurozone crisis and the

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Perceptions of German Leadership

Irish National Identity and Germany as a “Significant Other” during the Euro Crisis

Charlotte Galpin

” of applying for a bailout. However, Eurozone crisis policy-making is understood by critics as German-led, with Germany constructed not just as the external Other in discourses of exclusive Irish identity, but also as the internal Other of Europe or

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The “Alternative for Germany”

Factors Behind its Emergence and Profile of a New Right-wing Populist Party

Frank Decker

cdu because of its policies during the Eurozone crisis while Gauland pointed to his negative experiences as part of the “Berlin Circle”—an alliance of conservative members within the cdu that was openly opposed by party leader Angela Merkel and her

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Protest Voting in Eastern Germany

Continuity and Change Across Three Decades

David F. Patton

domestic policies sparked outrage following unification and again in 2004-2005, it was international factors—the eurozone crisis and the refugee crisis—and the national government's responses that set the stage for demonstrations and protest voting in the

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Germany: Hegemon or Free Rider?

Stephen F. Szabo

strategic purpose. It has acted as a hegemon primarily in economic policy areas, and most importantly in the Eurozone crisis. Here the combination of power resources, ideas, and domestic politics saw Berlin shape the outcome of the Greek crisis and the

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Cultural Heritage Across European Borders

Bridges or Walls?

Philip McDermott and Sara McDowell

( 2018 ), ‘ The Eurozone Crisis, Greece and European Integration: Anthropological Perspectives on Austerity in the EU ’, Anthropological Journal of European Cultures 27 , no. 1 : 64 – 83 . Rothberg , M. ( 2009 ), Multidirectional Memory

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Revisiting Europe in search of regional cohesion

John Agnew

gradients in macro-economic unevenness paralleling continuing West to East unevenness in economic growth and per capita incomes ( Berend, 2009 ; Strupczewski & Guarascio, 2018 ). As the expansion to the East largely stalled, the eurozone crisis of 2008