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Guiding Girls

Neoliberal Governance and Government Educational Resource Manuals in Canada

Lisa Smith and Stephanie Paterson

-being, and overall lifestyle are both valued and encouraged ( Lupton 1995 ; Rose 1990 ). Thus, girl power is part of a more general move towards the cultivation of subjects who, according to Michel Foucault (1991) , internalize surveillance and govern

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“Boys in Power”

Consent and Gendered Power Dynamics in Sex

Katrín Ólafsdottir and Jón Ingvar Kjaran

draws our attention to patriarchy 4 and the underlying gendered power imbalances at work and uses it as a theoretical lens through which to view society ( Hesse-Biber [2006] 2014 ). We also draw on Michel Foucault's writings on subjectification

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The Discourse of Drama

Regulating Girls in an Icelandic School

Bergljót Thrastardóttir, Steinunn Helga Lárusdóttir, and Ingólfur Ásgeir Jóhannesson

role in the construction of gender identities. These practices position girls and boys as essentially different as well as defining what counts as normal and legitimate gender performativity ( Butler 2004 ; Foucault 1982 , 1998 ). In order to

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Miles away from Screwing?

Queer Gothic Girlhood in John Harding's Florence and Giles

Robyn Ollett

approach to gender and sexuality that takes difference seriously … runs the risk of perpetuating precisely the problems intersectionality had hoped to alleviate” (18). To help salve rifts, Huffer calls upon Foucault's notions of ethics and genealogy, using

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“I Don't Want to Spend My Life under a Toilet Seat”

Aspiration, Belonging, and Responsible Masculinities in the Lives of White, Working-Class Boys in a Youth Inclusion Program at the YMCA

Ross Wignall

youth engagement centers ( Smyth 2017 ). In this context, the “reflective culture” ( Kushner 2006 ; Wignall 2016a ) engendered through sport at the YMCA needs to be seen as a choreographed “technology of the body” ( Foucault [1979] 2008 ) that renders

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Non-Transitional Adolescences in The City and the Pillar and Other Voices, Other Rooms

Chung-Hao Ku

Foucault says about homosexuality as “a type of life, a life form” (1990: 43), a gay-identified adult often reconstructs a gay childhood in backformation or looks back on his adolescence as a fuzzy transition. He may look for clues about his homosexuality

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A Social Negotiation of Hope

Male West African Youth, ‘Waithood’ and the Pursuit of Social Becoming through Football

Christian Ungruhe and James Esson

“entrepreneur of self, being for himself his own capital, being for himself his own producer, being for himself the source of his earnings” ( Foucault 2008: 226 ). This individuated understanding of the sporting body as a means to generate an income has been

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Virtual (Dis)orientations and the Luminosity of Disabled Girlhood

Anastasia Todd

Youth with Disabilities . Cambridge, MA : MIT Press . 10.7551/mitpress/10259.001.0001 Burgess , Jean , and Joshua Green . 2009 . Youtube . Cambridge, UK : Polity Press . Deleuze , Gilles . 1986 . Foucault . Trans. and ed. Sean Hand

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Girls and Young Women Resisting Rape Culture through YouTube Videos

Chloe Krystyna Garcia and Ayesha Vemuri

discourse—how we talk about sexuality—both empowers and weakens individuals and communities ( Fine 1988 ; Foucault 1990; Jones 2011 ). Media, however produced, sends important messages about sexuality that are either actively or surreptitiously marketed

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A Phenomenological Study of Arranged Friendships between Young Boys and Men

Man Interest and Masculine Embodiment

Kathrine Vitus and Nathalie Perregaard

Sociology 51 ( 3 ): 643 – 656 . doi: 10.1177/1440783313518251 . Garlick , Steve . 2002 . “ The Beauty of Friendship: Foucault, Masculinity and the Work of Art .” Philosophy and Social Criticism 28 ( 5 ): 558 – 577 . doi: 10