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Post-Conflict Dynamics in Bosnia-Herzegovina: Identities, Nationalization, and Missing Bodies

Katerina Seraïdari

Since the creation of independent nation-states in Southeast Europe, several programs of mass population displacement and politics of dislocation have been implemented. The 1923 compulsory population exchange between Greece and Turkey, which fixed

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Policy coherence for development and migration

Analyzing US and EU policies through the lens of normative transformation

Harlan Koff

, Spain and Greece were criticized for being “Europe’s soft underbelly” (Koff, 2008, p. 10). The 2015–2016 migration/refugee crisis has demonstrated that EU policy-making in migration affairs has not evolved significantly, and it has not sufficiently

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Unintended Securitization

Military, Medical, and Political-Security Discourses in the Humanitarian Treatment of Syrian Casualties in Israel

Hedva Eyal and Limor Samimian-Darash

project has become—through a process of demilitarization—a security one. Thus, unlike in other parts of the world (e.g., Greece and Turkey), where the arrival of refugees from the Syrian Civil War has been presented as an “invasion” or viewed in terms of a

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The Social Life of Contentious Concepts

Ronald S. Stade

political concepts are both indicative of and instrumental in historical change. They are often polemical (from the ancient Greek polemikós , “of or for war”) in that they are directed against what is perceived as an existing order. In this sense, they

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Book Reviews

Matthew Carey, Ida Nielsen Sølvhøj, Eve Monique Zucker, Younes Saramifar, and Louis Frankenthaler

small communities of Doric Greek speakers situated in the province of Reggio Calabria, in the very toe of the Italian boot, descendants either of the antique population of classical Magna Graecia or of later waves of Byzantine Greek speakers. Like many

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The Ukrainian divide

The power of historical narratives, imagined communities, and collective memories

Alina Penkala, Ilse Derluyn, and Ine Lietaert

, Poles were Catholic (Western Christianity) and Ruthenians were Greek Catholic (Eastern Christianity), both loyal to Rome but with different rites. Last, there was a strong impact of social stratification, since almost all landlords were Polish, and

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The Draconian Governance of Illegalized Migrants in Western States

Barak Kalir

Greece in 1923, India and Pakistan in 1947, and under the Third Reich and the Soviet Union. Why is it, then, that in current public and political debates, the confinement and forced removal of tens of millions of illegalized migrants in Western states is

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Quantitative research approaches in support of the new EC framework to safeguard the rule of law in EU

Kaloyan Haralampiev and Georgi Dimitrov

in Greece, with its ubiquitous practice of large-scale governmental cheating, as well as in Hungary, which recently provided numerous reasons for concern about the implementation of the ROL ( Bugaric, 2014 ), indicate that there is sufficient ground

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Moral Thresholds of Outrage

The March for Hrant Dink and New Ways of Mobilization in Turkey

Lorenzo D’Orsi

Armenians and Greeks; we live their lives. This house belonged to my grandfather, and I have a lot of memories here, but surely before it belonged to an Armenian or a Greek. Do you find easy handling all these things?” Erdost shows how moral outrage, from an

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Revisiting Europe in search of regional cohesion

John Agnew

–2012 brought massive austerity to the public budgets of such southern countries as Italy, Greece, and Portugal. The EU itself failed to develop any sort of centralized fiscal structure to match the monetary institutions, particularly the European Central Bank