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Allen Abramson and Martin Holbraad

How far is the ethnographic study of 'cosmologies' relevant to contemporary anthropology, and how might it illuminate understandings of the contemporary world? In this article we argue for a renewed anthropological interest in matters cosmological by seeking to disentangle the study of cosmology from the concomitants with which it was associated in earlier periods of anthropological research. In particular, we argue that an orientation toward cosmology continues to be of prime importance to the discipline insofar as it can be freed from its associations with holism and exoticism. The shift from 'high modernity' (in which orientations toward cosmos are variously constrained and circumscribed) to the flattening effects of the 'fluid' modernity of neoliberalism, we argue, has tended to thrust concerns with cosmic orders and dynamics back onto the forefront of people's lives. We end the article with a series of programmatic observations of how anthropologists might respond to these shifts, both ethnographically and analytically.

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Mariske Westendorp, Bruno Reinhardt, Reinaldo L. Román, Jon Bialecki, Alexander Agadjanian, Karen Lauterbach, Juan Javier Rivera Andía, Kate Yanina DeConinck, Jack Hunter, Ioannis Kyriakakis, Magdalena Crăciun, Roger Canals, Cristina Rocha, Khyati Tripathi, Dafne Accoroni, and George Wu Bayuga

against two popular strands of thought with regard to African charismatic Christianity: first, “breaking with the past” (p. 17), with regard to charismatic Christianity's link to modernity; and, second, charismatic Christianity as a response to neo-liberal

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Ayse Serap Avanoglu, Diana Riboli, Juan Javier Rivera Andía, Annalisa Butticci, Iain R. Edgar, Matan Shapiro, Brooke Schedneck, Mark Sedgwick, Suzane de Alencar Vieira, Nell Haynes, Sara Farhan, Fabián Bravo Vega, Marie Meudec, Nuno Domingos, Heidi Härkönen, Sergio González Varela, and Nathanael Homewood

’s dictatorship, conflict with the Chilean state, and spiritual warfare against the transnational logging companies and the spirits of neo-liberalism. In writing Francisca’s bible, Bacigalupo also wrote what is probably the best and most fair book on Mapuche

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Kosher Biotech

Between Religion, Regulation, and Globalization

Johan Fischer

exposes these producers to experience-based penalties that are reflected in lower product quality ratings. A study by Campbell et al. (2011) demonstrates that although neo-liberalism has opened up new spaces for audit activity, older political and social

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Bülent Diken

found a victim and you’re making the most of it. Stop harassing the poor man.” In a country polarized by Islamic governance, experimenting with varieties of Islamic neo-liberalism and neo-liberal Islamism, Hamdi is too easy a target for articulating a

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Eschatology, Ethics, and Ēthnos

Ressentiment and Christian Nationalism in the Anthropology of Christianity

Jon Bialecki

comparatively is difficult. Rather, it is better to think of a case and try to identify one factor that might be common to many other cases, even if it is not determinative. The careful ethnographic work here shows that the historical details matter: neo-liberalism

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Marla Frederick, Yunus Doğan Telliel, and Heather Mellquist Lehto

; and distributors, particularly those outside the US, needed an ever-growing supply of producers to fill the demands of 24-hour television. This neoliberal, market-driven model of ministry, which has framed much of the last 40 to 50 years of religious

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Finbarr Barry Flood and Jaś Elsner

religious is by no means at odds with the promotion of commerce and consumerism. On the contrary, the past decades have seen a consistent association between religious and social conservatism and economic neo-liberalism. If the Islamic State endures for any

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Jack Hunter, Annelin Eriksen, Jon Mitchell, Mattijs van de Port, Magnus Course, Nicolás Panotto, Ruth Barcan, David M. R. Orr, Girish Daswani, Piergiorgio Di Giminiani, Pirjo Kristiina Virtanen, Sofía Ugarte, Ryan J. Cook, Bettina E. Schmidt, and Mylene Mizrahi

spiritual breakthrough. But how do Zambian Pentecostals evaluate such a combined movement? This is one of the central questions Haynes asks in her beautifully written book. Critiquing a neo-liberal account of Pentecostalism that highlights the breakdown in

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Valentina Napolitano

.1111/1467-9655.12170 Molina , J. Michelle . 2013 . To Overcome Oneself: The Jesuit Ethic and Spirit of Global Expansion, 1520–1767 . Berkeley : University of California Press . 10.1525/9780520955042 Muehlebach , Andrea . 2013 . “ The Catholicization of Neoliberalism