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Belonging to Spontaneous Order

Hayek, Pluralism, Democracy

Stephanie Erev

connection to a third, still earlier tradition of pluralist thought, he shows that early pluralists such as William James and Mary Parker Follett, like new pluralists, appreciate the importance of a pluralist ontology for pluralist politics. In their

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Lest We Forget (Matter)

Posthumanism, Memory, and Exclusion

Matthew Howard

commemorative network. As such, both a time and a place are considerable actors around which a commemorative narrative revolves. The lack of ontological distinction between ideas, representations, objects, and materials at the heart of both ANT and new

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Globalizing the Intellectual History of Democracy

Samuel Moyn and Jean-Paul Gagnon

”. Antiquity 85 ( 327 ): 172 – 186 . 10.1017/S0003598X0006751X Gagnon , Jean-Paul . 2018 . “ 2,234 Descriptions of Democracy: An Update to Democracy's Ontological Pluralism ”. Democratic Theory 5 ( 1 ): 92 – 113 . 10.3167/dt.2018.050107 King

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What Are We Doing When We Are Doing Democratic Theory?

Dannica Fleuß and Gary S. Schaal

, ontological, or ethical commitments. Firstly, the “problems” democratic theory must solve are coordination problems in democratic societies, which arguably constitute only a subset of the “problems” Dewey's scientific inquiries are addressing. Secondly, our

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Beyond Deliberative Systems

Pluralizing the Debate

Hans Asenbaum

,234 Descriptions of Democracy: An Update to Democracy's Ontological Pluralism .” Democratic Theory 5 ( 1 ): 92 – 113 . . Gerbaudo , Paolo . 2017 . The Mask and the Flag: Populism, Citizenism, and Global Protest

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Democracy, Ethics, and Neoliberalism in Latin America

Juan M. del Nido

-Pedreros argues, developmental, political, and economic discourses have naturalized an ontological identity between middle class and democracy: a democratic nation is a nation of and for the middle class. Scholarship on Latin America tends to reproduce this link

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Democratic Theory When Democracy Is Fugitive

Ali Aslam, David McIvor, and Joel Alden Schlosser

. Princeton, NJ : Princeton University Press . 10.1515/9781400832040 White , Stephen K. 2009 . “ Violence, Weak Ontology, and Late-Modernity .” Political Theory 37 ( 6 ): 808 – 816 . 10.1177/0090591709345464 Wingenbach , Edward C. 2011

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Facts and Norms in Democratization

Roberto Farneti

out, “in our post-romantic era, we still assign disproportionate value to originals” ( Fuchs 2001: 164 ), so that we have all succumbed to the myth of the ontological primacy of originals over facsimiles ( Fuchs 2001: 165 ). Failure to acknowledge the

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The End of Representative Politics, Revisited

Simon Tormey and Jean-Paul Gagnon

enclosed policy fields and securitized places: those things have become unsettled. Just as postmodernism did with the social sciences, what’s happening today unsettles our sense of certainty in ontological and epistemological terms. Postrepresentation

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Comparative Democratic Theory

Alexander Weiss

scholarly interests and their respective preferences for cutting units of comparison: Although not assuming any ontologically preconfigured set of constellations for a given piece of democratic thought, but rather a constructive role of the scholar in